Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Food For Thought

Professional Inquiry: 

When I received my students this year, I found that they had little or no reading strategies.  I gathered this from listening to them during the guided reading lessons, running records (comprehension), and the STAR and e-AsTTle scores for February 2017.  By the end of term 1, I knew that I would be attending an intensive PLD in using digital devices in the classroom in term 2.  Keeping this in mind, I concluded that it was important to focus on improving students reading strategies through DLO’s in my teaching inquiry.

I formulated my Teaching Inquiry to be:

To investigate the effect of using digital learning objects (DLO’S) to improve students reading with their understanding of making meaning.

As the digital age increasingly becomes the norm, integrating technology with learning is the reality. Aligning the literacy pedagogy with 1:1 digital learning is therefore a necessary step in the evolution of education in New Zealand. With the development of technology in education comes new opportunities for literacy through comprehension, sources of information in relation to comprehension, the use of programs to extend activities and comprehension tasks, and experiences children are prone to. These opportunities can provide children with an array of new and exciting methods to improve their literacy skills.

So The Plan Of Action...

I have put a huge emphasis on working around the use of my class site, digital tools and online programs as a way of bringing digital learning into my literacy program in a more prominent manor.

Activities such as 'word study' allow the children to use the internet to source additional information that will improve their understanding of keywords learned through the week. By having access to the online resources and tools, students are able to input a visual and verbal representation of the words, and then create a context for the word all in one exercise/on one document - something that would either not be possible, or a very time-consuming activity without digital technology.

Results have shown growth in students learning through the use of digital tools in cohesion with reading each term.


  1. I look forward to seeing where this leads Ed.

  2. An interesting inquiry.Please share along the way.Thank you.Maria

    1. Thanks Maria, I'll be sure to keep you updated!