Friday, June 23, 2017

The Penultimate Session!

Are We Empowered?

This mornings session was all about Empowerment - a core value of Manaiakalani, and the levels of empowerment evident in our settings. Empowerment not only of ourselves as educators and the freedom we have to be creative, innovative, and original with our teaching practice, but also empowerment of the students themselves - making sure they have a voice to be heard and choices about what they learn and how. 

Definitely something to consider when deciding what kind of teacher you wish to be and how you can make a change...

Cleaning Up!

As the course comes to an end we revisit our class sites and up the appeal! My class site had a complete makeover using all the tips and tricks i've learned over the weeks - from page layout and organisation to HTML and image-mapping, this version of the site is my latest masterpiece!

New header more child-friendly and appealing the young eye
Revamped the button colours to match the header

Getting that HTML to make navigating the site a breeze!

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