Friday, June 9, 2017

Revisiting Site Development

Site Building for the HTML Experts


In today's session I boosted my site building game executing 'image mapping' - a setup that allows you to set your site up with links for buttons and images but not open those links in a new tab like the traditional 'transparent shape' setup forces you to do. 

Knowing the in's and out's of HTML will prop your site building skills up there with designers and ensure your class site or professional blog has never looked so good! 

Pixl Editor

Using a program like Pixlr will allow you to find the coordinates for the shape you want to link. 

Use the navigator to find the coordinates of the shape, button, or image you wish to map.

The end result, although unfinished, is coming along nicely and looking a lot more professional that previously! Definitely a process i will be using to update my class site and getting rid of all those pesky tabs! 


  1. Hey Ed,

    Great post and really informative. I think this is a valuable reflection and a very valuable rewindable resource for you and others to use. I learned heaps in today's session and was very jealous of the image mapping you guys were doing. It's a fiddly skill, but once you've repeated it a few times becomes an extremely useful one and definitely something your colleagues could benefit from.

    Thanks for sharing this learning.


  2. Hey James,

    Was a very interesting and fun session and I have much to take away! Was definitely fiddly but now I have my head around it (surprisingly I remember the steps) it is a must-do for site building!

    Thanks for the feedback.